The Future of Outsourcing

First fully decentralized outsourcing platform with integrated quality assurance


We are building the first fully decentralized outsourcing platform with an integrated quality assurance. The platform allows users to outsource digital tasks without having to worry about hiring freelancers, managing projects and performing quality checks.


Smart contracts are the platform’s backbone – they allow for a friction-less, well-organized and to a growing extent automated interaction between all system participants. The Blockchain functions as the platform’s collective memory, wherein the most important freelancer (e.g. their test results and ratings), task and client data get stored anonymously and immutably.


Freelancers have to undergo a rigorous selection procedure in order to become eligible to join the platform. Once on-boarded, freelancers build up their reputation on the platform by gathering ratings/feedback on their work from other system participants.


The system is purely meritocratic and non-discriminatory in nature: Incoming tasks are being matched to the most suitable, available freelancer (i.e. the one with the most relevant, tested skills and the highest reputation in a given domain). Multiple actors are involved during the task completion process in order to ensure a high-quality output.


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For Clients

  • Quality assurance – With our robust multi-stage review structure and freelancer curation, we are able to satisfy our customers in over 99.5% of cases till date.
  • No project management: Tasko does it all – The Tasko platform manages a client’s task from start till end. Operations Managers monitor task progress and ensure quality along every step of the task completion cycle.
  • On-demand & on time – Tasko operates 24/7. Turnaround times are predefined according to task category and submitted workload. Deadlines cannot be missed (the system simply does not allow for it).
  • Competitive pricing – Being a globalized and highly decentralized platform that functions without any intermediaries, Tasko is able to offer exceptional value for money.

For Freelancers

  • Regular inflow of tasks – no need for bidding! Incoming tasks are being matched to suitable freelancers. The freelancer decides whether to accept or reject a task request.
  • Reputation building & justified ratings – The freelancer’s work history (incl. ratings) gets stored on a public Blockchain. Our system incentivizes fair and justified ratings. If freelancers are not happy with a received rating, they can escalate the rating decision to an internal tribunal.
  • Fair salaries & income security – Freelancers can earn significantly more on our platform since there is no intermediary involved (very low commission fees). Furthermore, active freelancers qualify for a guaranteed monthly minimum pay-out whereby they are getting paid even when they are not able to accumulate billable hours in a certain month.
  • Career development – Possibility to climb the ladder within Tasko (e.g. become Operation Manager) and/or take one’s own reputation to another platform => no lock-in! Freelancers also benefit from our internal feedback / learning culture – e.g. they receive weekly in-depth quality reviews from Operation Managers.


An overview of the major milestones we aim to accomplish over the next 24 months.

  • Whitepaper Release Feb 2018
    In-depth description of used technologies, design of QA processes and incentivization model.
  • Platform Beta Release Feb 2019
    The Tasko platform goes live with basic functionalities that will enable quality-assured outsourcing on the Blockchain. The beta version includes a dashboard for users, dashboards for freelancers, Operation Managers and Super Operation Managers, operationally decentralized task completion cycle and quality assurance, payment processes, reputation building on the Blockchain and a smart contract that binds these processes together.
  • Decentralized Tasko System Aug 2019
    This version will include a more sophisticated incentivization model that also regulates support processes (e.g. recruiting, customer support and sales) and platform governance (e.g. crowd-based decision making on major topics). These developments will allow for a complete decentralization of the Tasko system.
  • Improved Client UI/UX Dec 2019
    In the first half of 2019, the focus will be on improving the client’s user experience. The front-end of the Tasko platform will have “smarter” features, thereby reducing the time users need to submit a task.
  • 3rd Party Integrations Mar 2020
    A plethora of businesses use and offer softwares and services that require regular human inputs. Through the deployment of integrations and API's for major 3rd party companies/softwares, Tasko will be able to seamlessly integrate with a variety of existing and new business processes, thereby increasing its market share.
  • Automaton Release Dec 2020
    Tasks with a high potential for standardization will be governed through smart contracts, thereby reducing or entirely eliminating the need for an Operations Manager. The Automaton Release will come with a first number of selected tasks entirely governed by such sophisticated smart contracts.


A team of highly motivated and experienced professionals.




Eric is passionate about the sharing economy, remote work and how technology can be leveraged for social good. His ambition with Tasko is to contribute to a more inclusive and efficient digital economy. Eric holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen and a M.Sc. in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation from EMLYON Business School. Before launching Tasko, he started his career at Capgemini Consulting in their Outsourcing & Shared Services unit and later joined Accenture’s Finance & Risk Consulting practice.




Harshit is a staunch believer of the sharing and gig economy. He’s passionately working towards Digital Transformation with the help of system automation and AI. He envisions a future of tightly integrated business world where inter-operation is frictionless and resources are shared effortlessly. Harshit is actively involved in a community that follows latest trends in blockchain technology and its applications. He holds a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.




Felix has a strong background in digital transformation and go-to-market strategies. Before joining Tasko, Felix worked as a strategy consultant for multiple $1b+ corporates across Europe with a focus on digital strategy, operating model setup, and new market entry. He is passionate about new business models and technologies impacting the future of our society and the evolution of how we work. Felix was educated at EPF Lausanne where he graduated with a Master of Science in Management of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.




Vaishnavi is a brainstormer who is passionate about blogging, research, management and social media. Before joining Tasko, she worked as a Social Media intern and as a Product Design & Gamification intern at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Indian School of Business. Vaishnavi holds a BTech degree in computer science from Amity University, India. When she is not working, you can find her travelling, clicking pictures, singing gospels, reading, or whipping up a delicious high-calorie meal.




Ganeshdip is a blockchain enthusiast and an experienced software engineer. He has done his Bachelors in Engineering, specializing in Computer Science. Ganeshdip counts over 3 years of professional experience in software development at international technology companies such as Amdocs and Cerillion Technologies.




Anji is a big fan of marketplaces and blockchain tech. He founded 9 year ago and has an experience of more than 10 years in the freelancing industry. He likes exploring new tech and implementing bold strategies. He secretly dreams of space and time travel.




Thaddeus is an expert in brand positioning and known for his inspiring keynotes, Thaddeus Rex started on the cast of an Emmy Award winning PBS show, then toured his own stage show for over a decade. His process in The Science of Charisma has helped Butterball, Australian Gold, Johnson Level, and many more train their teams how to make the company more compelling.


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